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Nine key drivers of change – global wealth & asset management industry

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Tumultuous change may be in store for the global wealth and asset management industry in the year ahead. Shifting interest rates, concerns of deflation and continuous technology-related threats, are some of the factors contributing to these larger changes.

Some of the top drivers of change include:

· MiFID II and transparency
· The increase in M&A activity to drive growth
· Spending on private wealth management growth
· The pensions’ deficit gap
· The arrival of the “robo-advisor”

All of this is relevant to us as an industry here.  Understanding some of the shifts in the industry will enable us to react quickly to the needs of asset managers that see Ireland as best in class for product location and its servicing.

Read the full report for a detailed look at these drivers and how asset managers can prepare for the changes.

Donal O’Sullivan

FS Partner, Tax
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