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Seven themes transforming the future of payments

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#payments is a newsletter from our global EY payments team, which covers some of the industry’s most pressing developments, focusing on strategies for the payments industry to not only adapt to, but also thrive in, a hyperconnected world.

From frictionless and real-time payments, to the next generation of mobile point-of-sale business models, we look at some of the most relevant trends and developments impacting the industry.

Our latest thinking in this issue of #payments covers the following:

  • Seven themes impacting the future of payments
    Understanding the themes transforming payments can help banks make strategic investment decisions and emerge as winners.
  • Why real-time payments are the new normal — and how payments providers can adapt
    As RTP schemes expand, providers will need to assess readiness and define a clear strategy for platforms, operations, risk and customer experience.
  • How the mPOS business model expands beyond payments acceptance
    As pure payments acceptance becomes a commodity for smaller merchants and fees from transaction processing come under pressure, mPOS providers are putting a strategic focus on value-added services to continue their high growth.
  • How improving online payments can foster a frictionless customer experience
    Frictionless payments are a cornerstone of the digital economy. Three key steps can help merchants improve the customer experience and unlock new e-commerce opportunities
  • M & A activity and deal characteristics
    Consolidation on investors’ agenda amid a slower quarter.
  • Venture capital funding activity
    In Q2 2019, 105 venture capital deals took place — the highest in two years.

Click below to read the full issue. We hope you find this issue of #payments informative, and, as always, we are available to continue the conversation on how these trends are impacting your strategy.


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