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The ability to securitise assets is a critical part of any functioning financial system. The negative image associated with securitisation products following the global financial crisis, combined with the effective closure of the debt markets in that period, meant that securitisation has effectively been off the table since.

Now though, securitisation is back and is being regarded once again as what it is – an effective financing/refinancing mechanism. We have seen a significant increase in market activity recently with much of this being driven by investor demand. On the supply side, the current low-interest rate environment has driven the cost of securitisation down which, combined with continuing difficulties in the global banking sector, makes it a potentially cost-effective financing solution for originators and other asset holders.

EY has assisted a large number of clients in establishing and maintaining securitisation vehicles both in Ireland and across the globe. Our global securitisation team is closely linked through the EY international network and all members are accustomed to working together on large, multi-jurisdictional projects. We serve a broad range of global clients across all industries, sub-sectors and geographical locations. We provide a full service to our clients throughout the various design, implementation and maintenance stages of a securitisation transaction. Our substantial experience in the design and implementation of numerous innovative global structures gives us the ability to create bespoke securitisation solutions for the particular needs of our clients.

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