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Back to EY Dublin from EY New Zealand

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I have recently returned to the EY Dublin Financial Services practice after three years working for EY in Auckland, New Zealand. After finishing my training contract with EY in April 2012 I soon began looking for a new challenge. A few friends were looking to head south to NZ, and seeing as I’ve always loved to travel, I figured I’d try join them.

I talked it over with one of our FSO partners who suggested I look for a role in the EY Auckland Office. It was the ideal solution. I could still join my friends on our adventure without putting my career with EY on hold. An interview was arranged and a few months later I jetted off to NZ. Initially I figured I’d stay in NZ for about a year. That year quickly turned to 3. I simply couldn’t leave NZ after just 12 months.

Thoughts about moving back home to Dublin surfaced after about 2 years in Auckland. While I loved the Southern Hemisphere life, I knew I didn’t want to settle here forever. I figured I’d best head homeward before I put down too many roots in Auckland.

The Irish economic recovery was a big driving point in my decision to come home. In just 3 years, since 2012, the environment has undergone massive change. The variety of opportunities available in the market now is huge. Ireland is very much so, on the way back. It’s become a great place to build a career once again.

Having decided to return home, my next decision was whether to continue my career with EY or to pursue other opportunities. I got in touch with my old Audit Partner and we discussed the career options available in EY Dublin. I was thoroughly impressed with the opportunities presented. The recovery in the economy has created a broad spectrum of new and exciting projects for the firm. EY has won contracts with new clients and that has helped to change the landscape. The variety of work, a challenging environment and the career progression opportunities on offer made EY the ideal place for me to continue my career.

The transition back from NZ to Dublin was made very smooth thanks to EY’s great relocation package. Returning to EY made the logistics of the move home very easy.

I’ve been home for two months now and I love it. It’s great to be back home with friends and family. My role in EY has offered a fresh challenge and while I loved my time in NZ, I am delighted to be back in EY Dublin.

Conor Buckley