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Now more than ever, financial services organisations need to harness the power of technology. Customer expectations for digital products and services are rapidly increasing. User-centric, agile and data-driven capabilities are essential considerations for every business. To stay competitive, companies need to understand how to make technology transformation the driver of their future.

Leaders in this space are elevating customer experiences, innovating business models and finding new ways to leverage data. But a careful balance must be achieved as this change occurs. They need to sustain performance while investing in the skills, technologies and resources that will deliver the growth they seek.

While action is imperative, businesses can’t afford for transformation to fail. Those who succeed do more than prosper — they create exponential value that lasts. They put people at the centre of their business, leverage technology at speed and innovate at scale.

These new drivers of value creation demand a fundamental shift both in how companies reorient to create value and in what they value — agility versus predictability; innovation versus strategic planning; systems thinking versus operating model.

With purpose as a central guide, they explore the future and their vision, working through future-back scenarios that can flex and adapt, following a path to maintain relevance today — and 15 years from now.

EY can turn your transformation ambitions into reality.  We help you stay focused on the future of financial services – one that is stronger, fairer and more sustainable. We are realising transformation in the industry, utilising the power of people, technology and innovation. It’s how we play part in building a better working world.

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