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The ability to securitise assets is a critical part of any functioning financial system. While the global financial crisis affected perception of structured finance products, the market has considerably evolved.

More than a decade post crisis, the global securitisation market is experiencing a revival. Reshaped by regulation and economic growth, we are seeing an increase in investor demand for this asset class – and the Irish securitisation vehicle, the section 110 company, plays a central role. The flexibility and innovation of the regime continues to attract business to Ireland from across the globe.

Across structured finance markets, EY offers the full range of financial advisory and support services through the transaction life cycle – helping bankers, investment managers, financial institutions, investors, insurance companies and other market participants in the structured finance and securitisation marketplace.

We have helped a large number of clients to establish and maintain securitisation vehicles in Ireland. Our dedicated team in Dublin is closely linked to the global EY network and works with our colleagues on large, multi-jurisdictional projects. We serve a broad range of global clients across all industries, sub-sectors and geographical locations.

Please explore our brochure via the link below and, if you are considering a structured finance transaction or have a question to ask, do get in touch.

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