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Structured Finance Webinar: EU Mandatory Disclosure Regime update

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Our next Structured Finance webinar is taking place on Wednesday 20 May from 9am – 10am and will focus on the EU Mandatory Disclosure Regime update.

This session will focus on the EU Mandatory Disclosure Regime (“EU MDR”) with particular focus on Section 110 companies including:
• The introduction to EU MDR & broad outline of basic framework and reporting timelines;
• Some specific issues relevant to s.110 companies in the context of EU MDR; and
• The role of CSP’s and administrators in their personal capacity as “intermediaries” and the obligations arising in this regard.

EU MDR is potentially applicable in relation to any new “arrangements” entered into post 25 June 2018. The first reports are due in August 2020 so it will be important that CSP’s / administrators understand and assess their obligations now.

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