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Global Banking Regulatory Outlook 2021 Webcast

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On February 2nd at 2.00pm, we will be holding a live webcast for the banking sector featuring our Global Regulatory Network panelists as they discuss the 2021 bank regulatory outlook and share regional perspectives on what to expect and prepare for in the coming year and beyond.

Since the last global banking regulatory outlook in January 2020, the world has been hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. The financial services industry is considerably stronger than during the 2008 crisis, but the change management demands caused by the pandemic have tested risk management capabilities and regulatory responses.

At our upcoming webcast, our panelists will discuss the immediate environment  and a little further ahead to identify likely regulatory developments across the globe.

Topics discussed will include:

  • Global regulatory responses that are likely to dominate the 2021 agenda
  • Lessons learned and considerations for central banks and regulators as they respond
  • What to expect from the regulatory agenda beyond the pandemic
  • Actions for banking clients as they prepare for supervisory and policy actions related to both the immediate and future challenges

You can register here.