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Webcast: Model Management of the Future series

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On October 30th 2020 from 08.00-09.00 BST the second episode of the EY Model Management of the Future webcast series will take place.

As more and more financial institutions focus on adoption of AI/ML as part of their innovation programs to leverage variety and volume of exploding data, there have been several examples in the past to show how lack of understanding of the AI algorithms has led to inadvertent discriminatory outcomes in the real world causing increased pressure on the management to ensure ethical and societal safeguards. 

Using practical examples, we will discuss how it is possible to overcome these challenges by identification and mitigation of any inherent bias. We will co-host this episode with MathWorks, where EY will provide insights from a Model Risk/ Regulatory perspective and MathWorks will complement with how technology can support in this area.


Containing algorithmic bias through leading practice in model risk management

  • AI with Model Risk Management – Need, challenges, current state and future
  • Fairness and Bias
    • Detect – Methods to identify bias in the model
    • Contain – Taking a position
    • Mitigate – Act and implement algorithms to treat the bias


  • Frank De Jonghe, EY, Partner & Leader Quantitative & Analytics Services
  • Bernhard Hein, EY, Partner Quantitative & Analytics Services
  • Haijat Douich, EY, Senior Manager Technology Consulting
  • Paul Peeling, MathWorks, Principal Technical Consultant


  • Discuss the latest developments
  • Share industry insights
  • Meet executives and gain insights into the ongoing developments and challenges of others

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