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The CEO perspective: How Covid-19 is defining business purpose

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In these trying times, the temptation for businesses to almost exclusively focus on the operational, the tactical or the near-term financial issues to cope with the unprecedented demands and strains is an understandable one, but this rarely leads to a sustainable future.  As Covid-19 continues to create uncertainty, fear and genuine concern for many businesses, people and societies, the need for more human, more purposeful conversations feels ever more important.

EY’s Global Chairman and CEO Carmine Di Sibio recently joined a webcast panel of leaders from across the business landscape. The discussion aimed to inspire others to look beyond the financial and the operational factors, to think about the impact of Covid-19 on humanity and our societies, and consider how that will shift people and societies’ expectations of the role of business, its leaders and how people work. Register here to listen to this on-demand webcast now.


  • Nigel Higgins, Group Chairman, Barclays Bank Plc
  • Bernard Looney, CEO, BP Plc
  • Michael Dell, Chairman and CEO, Dell Technologies
  • Carmine Di Sibio, Global Chairman and CEO, EY
  • Alan Jope, CEO, Unilever Plc
  • Moderator: Mona Bitar, COVID-19 Response Leader, Ernst & Young LLP (UK)

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