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Covid-19 economic impact

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Covid-19 will permanently change the shape of the economy on the island of Ireland. Sadly, many lives will be lost and a number of businesses are also likely to perish, regardless of the level of Government or private sector lending support that is offered. There has been considerable talk about a return to normal, but the impact of this crisis may forever change our attitudes to saving, healthcare, lifestyle and even our career choices.

Neil Gibson, EY’s Chief Economist in Ireland, shares his thoughts on the pandemic and its economic impact in this document, Covid-19 economic impact – Trying to bridge across the unknown. He writes: “Unquestionably, these are difficult and stressful times, but amongst all the trauma, there are positives and uplifting lessons to be learned.”

Download the document below and reach out if you have any questions. You can also explore other recent insights and thinking to support you in leading through these volatile times. 

Neil Gibson

EY Chief Economist
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Covid-19 economic impact

Trying to bridge across the unknown

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