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Global ETF Survey 2014

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In this year’s survey we capture the views and opinions of over 60 leading promoters, investors, market makers and service providers across the United States, Europe and Asia Pacific.  Our respondents include issuers representing 84% of the industry’s global assets.

In this report we group our findings under six key headings. In our view, each represents a crucial area of current and future change for the industry. Our key findings are that:

  • Customisation and investor engagement are becoming vital to seeding, scale and success
  • Pricing transparency and innovation offer the best defense against growing margin pressure
  • Further improvements to products and liquidity will help to unlock stronger institutional demand
  • Maintaining transparency will be vital as the industry grows more globalized and sophisticated
  • Patience, education and technology will all be crucial to overcoming the retail growth challenge
  • Coordinated use of technology by promoters and administrators holds the key to improving efficiency

We conclude the report with our recommendations, summarizing some of the areas where we believe greater focus from a range of ETF stakeholders could help the industry to sustain its growth or strengthen its success.

I hope you find this report insightful and informative. If you would like to respond to our conclusions in any way, we would be delighted to hear from you.

Lisa Kealy

Financial Services Markets Leader
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