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Global Forensic Data Analytics Survey 2018

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Welcome to the 2017 Global Forensic Data Analytics Survey. In this report, we look at the findings from our latest Global Forensic Data Analytics Survey. We have analysed the responses of some 745 executives globally who generously shared their perspectives. Through this analysis, we can see specific ways in which companies can measurably improve their legal, compliance and fraud risk programs, as well as the maturity level of their FDA capabilities.

It is an exciting time for companies as digital transformation creates new opportunities. Artificial intelligence, robotic process automation and advanced data analytics are just some of the new possibilities being explored. However, a growing digital footprint comes with additional risks.

Two risks come into sharp focus in this survey: 1) regulatory compliance, 2) data protection and data privacy. We heard from companies around the world that expressed growing concern in these areas and identified real challenges to overcome. This year’s Global Forensic Data Analytics Survey findings show that this is where Forensic Data Analytics (FDA) has a vital role to play.

Julie Fenton

FS Partner, Fraud Investigations
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