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Global supply chains and trade finance in a post Covid-19 world

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During these challenging times where organisations are faced with coping with very paper-based processes such as Trade Financing operations, innovative and predominately digital solutions need to be adopted to ensure that the logistical supply chains that support industry and the economy remain open and effective.

Download our latest guidance below to help you to reduce risk and financial impact due to supply chain disruption, and to navigate the now, next and beyond:

  • Now, banks are ensuring business continuity amid unprecedented disruption and changing demand patterns
  • Next, banks will re-evaluate and digitalise business and operations to promote resilience
  • Beyond, trade finance will embrace an agile business environment by transforming

In our experience, banks can outperform in challenging conditions and uncertainty should not delay transformation. Due to the groundwork laid over the past decade, banks are better placed today to manage an economic downturn and should not miss this opportunity to transform.

Review our latest insights and thinking to support you in leading through these volatile times and don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.

Cormac Kelly

International Banking Consulting Lead
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