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Indirect tax in 2014: Are you prepared?

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More than any other taxes, indirect taxes and duties affect global trade and business on a daily basis Governments are improving and enhancing their indirect tax systems to make them work in our rapidly changing world. These multi-layered developments are making great demands on companies that want to meet their obligations. Only those who know what is coming down the line can prepare effectively for these crucial developments.

Click below to read our report, Indirect tax in 2014: shaping the global indirect tax landscape, which offers an insight into the trends, challenges and implications of the constantly changing rules governing value-added tax (VAT), goods and services tax (GST) and other indirect taxes around the world.

In this report, we identify five significant global trends for indirect tax:

  1. The indirect tax shift continues
  2. Legislation continues to change rapidly
  3. Excise taxes continue to rise
  4. The landscape in global trade is changing rapidly
  5. Tax authorities are increasing cooperation and focusing on enforcement

We also explore the implications and impact of these trends for businesses.