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Make preparing financial statements simple with EY Accelerator

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Many companies and financial institutions have multiple subsidiaries. Each requires the preparation of statutory financial statements, detailed profit or loss accounts (DPL) and iXBRL conversions. This process is manual, repetitive, and consumes a great deal of your team’s time.

Our EY Accelerator model is a customised solution delivering the reports and information you need at a fraction of the cost and duration. It automates production of uniform financial statements according to entity type.

We work with you to:

  • Develop standardised accounting policies according to entity type
  • Ensure that all recent accounting updates are reflected
  • Cleanse your data to improve your chart of accounts
  • Produce consistent financial statements

We develop a model unique to your group, which we update on an annual basis. Your financial statements pass through multiple layers of technical review by our team, which eases the audit review process, saves you time and improves your reporting turnaround. Our model also facilitates DPL preparation and iXBRL conversion.

We provide you with the convenience of an end-to-end solution and a high-quality deliverable produced in a sustainable way.

Benefits of our EY Accelerator solution include:

  • Harmonised accounting policies across your group according to entity type
  • Increased efficiency in producing financial statements
  • iXBRL conversion and DPL preparation
  • Greater consistency in reporting across entities
  • Reduced turnaround time to help meet reporting deadlines
  • Best-practice disclosures incorporating all recent accounting updates
  • Consistent formatting
  • Minimisation of errors across casting, page numbering, references and notes

Contact us today to talk about how the EY Accelerator can help your finance function run more efficiently.

Niamh Tobin

FS Partner, CFO Advisory Services
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