Financial Services Ireland

Bertrand joined EY Financial Services in September 2012 as BD, Marketing & Communications Leader. He has over 15 years’ experience in the marketing of financial services having worked for MBNA and Zurich Life.

Bertrand is a passionate and committed commercial marketer who has a proven track record in delivering business success and growth. By building high performing teams and clear effective strategies, Bertrand believes marketing has to be at the core of everything a good business does and that its core objective is about delivering real sustainable results, not just creating catchy slogans.

His vision for the Thought Gallery is that it will provide relevant content that industry practitioners will find useful in the performance and development of their role. “Our clients now have access to more content than ever before and therefore the ability to more thoroughly research business decisions before they make them. And with the depth of Thought Leadership found on the Thought Gallery they should have an engaging and worthwhile experience.”

Bertrand holds a Master’s Degree in Marketing and is a member of the Marketing Institute of Ireland.

Bertrand Boisse

BD, Marketing & Communications Leader

+353 (0)1 221 1577


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