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Hugh Callaghan is an Executive Director in our Dublin-based Advisory Services team having joined EY in 2003 from a pan-European electronic payments company. Hugh specialises in eCrime and information security within financial services and currently manages the security advisory service team in our Advanced Security Centre in Dublin which delivers technical security testing services to global clients. Hugh has experience of technical security testing, online banking fraud management/strategy and security architecture.

Hugh has led a diverse range of projects, including a highly accelerated vendor selection process for an enterprise fraud and AML solution for a large Irish bank, including market review, requirements definition, RFP development, response evaluation and final vendor selection assistance. He specialises in security and online fraud benchmarking and strategy development for retail and corporate internet banking for leading financial institutions, including countermeasures for phishing/eCrime threats and selection of multi-factor authentication solutions.

Hugh has a Ph.D. in computational physics from University College Cork and the Max Planck Institute, Germany.

Hugh Callaghan

FS Executive Director, Cyber

+353 (0)1 221 2411


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