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The Banker – regulating from within

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I am pleased to share a copy of the 2016 special report Regulating from within, featured in the FT’s Davos edition of The Banker magazine. EY have supported and contributed to this special report for the last five years.

From cyber threats to disruptive innovation, structural reforms to stress-testing, banks are facing an array of challenges. This special report explores the latest issues affecting the banking industry and its strategies to drive a safer and more sustainable future.

The special report explores these themes and articles include:

Three lines of defence rebuilt for cyber threat
How do you manage the threat of cyber-attack when it sits outside of traditional risk governance standards?

Structural reforms: past their use-by date?
Will structural reforms be made obsolete by more general changes to the global banking market?

Misconduct debate moves beyond regulation
How can banks foster an open and innovative environment, where good conduct and good performance co-exist?

Banks adjust to stress-testing as a supervisory tool
How has stress-testing become a means to push banks to enhance their risk and data governance?

Reinventing bits of the bank
How are banks responding to the FinTech start-ups who are pulling apart the banking business and neatly picking off low-hanging fruit?

For more information, please download the full report by clicking on the link below.