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Enabling people: leading practices in remote working

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In the last number of weeks since we have moved to remote working, we have a new appreciation for what it’s like to work from home alongside our families whilst trying to remain productive, focused, healthy and engaged with our colleagues. This has not been without its challenges for many as we work hard to best understand a new operating tempo and finesse ways of working that can be sustained over the next number of months.

At EY, we have identified a number of guiding principles and supporting activities to enable effective remote working in this new and altered environment. These include the need to double down on the frequency and mode of communications, proactively seeking creative ways to engage teams; the requirement to foster deeper relationships with our teams, which calls for allocating time and space to interact with them and the need to remain accessible outside the norms of a typical office day. Finally, there are benefits to continuously seek feedback and flex an engagement approach. The role of leadership during this time cannot be overstated as the workforce, customers and shareholders seek reassurance from their leaders. Leaders have an opportunity to actively understand and empathise with their workforce on the inevitable human impact of the current crisis. Now is the time to lead with clarity, purpose and authenticity, demonstrating the mindset and behaviours which will see the organisation through the crisis and confirm that decisive and calm action is being taken to navigate the pathway to growth and recovery.

Download the document below to explore these topics in greater detail. You can also review our latest insights and thinking to support you in leading through these volatile times; don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.

Jackie Gilmore

FS Partner, People Consulting
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Covid-19: workforce and mobility

Enabling people: leading practices in remote work

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