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As part of EY’s CRO/CFO progam with the FT we have contributed to a Risk and Regulatory supplement in the Davos edition of the FT Banker.

Articles include:

1) Banks try to stay ahead of regulatory tide
Senior executives are changing the way their organisations work in an effort to move from merely complying with new regulations to defining how the bank of the future will look.
EY Spokespeople: Tom Huertas and Dai Bedford

2) Fixing the resolution problem
European regulators have been trying to create resolution and recovery frameworks that will enable them to wind down failed banks without using taxpayers’ money. So far, they have not succeeded. But few bankers are quibbling with the progress made.
EY Spokespeople: John Liver and Stefan Walter

3) Big data helps tackle Big regulation
Regulatory demand for greater insight into banks has pushed financial institutions to seek out scalable and low-cost data processing.
EY Spokespeople: Dan Higgins and Hyong Kim

4) Basel: going fourth?
Basel III is upon us. Although banks appear to be coping well with the capital-related elements of the regulations, they are having to make fundamental changes to the way they do business – and a ‘Basel IV’ looms on the horizon.
EY Spokespeople:Patricia Jackson and Peter Davis

5) Conduct, reputation and control
Conduct risk and reputational risk are receiving more attention from banks than ever before as they strive to gain better control over their activities.
EY Spokespeople:Jenny Clayton and Pierre Pourquery