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Why Irish CFOs must embrace the winds of change in sustainability and AI

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EY hosted its annual CFO Summit with energetic discussion, thought-provoking perspectives and plenty of invaluable knowledge-sharing from Irish and International business leaders.

The panellists and speakers delved into the most pressing challenges facing CFOs in Ireland today, looking at investment trends, advances in AI technology, continued cost control measures and the challenges of talent retention and ESG regulation.

EY also launched the latest EY CFO Survey, where Irish CFOs forecasted strong growth in 2024 and stated that they will continue to prioritise cost control as well as investments in AI & sustainability reporting.

Key take-outs from this year’s survey:

  • Irish CFOs and finance leaders forecast an average of 11% growth this year
  • 84% say top strategic areas of focus over the next five years are reducing costs and improving efficiency
  • 50% of CFOs cite lack of talent/talent retention as a key challenge that could impact growth
  • Investment in technology seen as top priority for growth by 19% this year compared to 15% in 2023 and budget allocation for AI expected to increase in next two years
  • 46% investing in in-house ESG reporting specialists

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Read the full report to learn more about the top priorities for Irish CFOs in 2024 and beyond.

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