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Women in Finance

Women in Finance

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Welcome to the ‘Women in Finance’ page, a dedicated space shedding light on the experiences, challenges and triumphs of women in the field of finance.

As EY Financial Services, we firmly believe in the power of diversity, and are driven by our commitment to creating a more inclusive landscape in this industry.

Explore the initiatives we have in place to support and empower our females on their journey plus insightful interviews and thought leadership pieces.

Triple FS – Females Fast Forward in Financial Services

Triple FS is an action-focused initiative developed by EY, MetLife and BNY Mellon with the singular goal of increasing female leadership in the Financial Services industry across Ireland, through a unique mentorship programme and complimentary targeted events. The programme matches high potential females, who are preparing to step into a leadership role, with successful male and female leaders from other Financial Services organisations.

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Triple FS

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Triple FS is unique because it:

  • Is focused solely on female leadership in the Financial Services industry
  • Is a niche programme which targets experienced female professionals who have been identified by their business as having high potential for a near term senior leadership position.
  • Pairs mentees with a male or female senior leader in a different organisation within the FS industry
  • Achieves pairings via a hands-on matching process based on the specific needs of the mentees and strengths of the mentors
  • Offers targeted action-oriented workshop style events focused on leadership for both mentors, mentees and guests.


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Women in Technology

In our series of WiT magazines and webcasts we discussed experiences of Women in Tech (WiT) and how we can improve representation of females in technology across all levels.

Our series features authentic stories and tips for success, designed to unlock deeper insights about the working world of technology. Aimed at those considering a career in tech at all levels, prospective technology clients, or those simply looking to learn more.

Watch our latest webcast here

100 Women in Finance

100 Women in Finance strengthens the global finance industry by empowering women to achieve their professional potential at each career stage. Its members inspire, equip and advocate for a new generation of industry leadership, in which women and men serve as investment professionals and executives, equal in achievement and impact. Through Education, Peer Engagement and Impact, the organization furthers the progress of women who have chosen finance as a career, and enables their positive influence over pre-career young women.

Insurance Supper Club

EY Financial Services Ireland is a proud sponsor of the Insurance Supper Club (ISC) Group, which is a global business community that provides personal, professional and business development for women in insurance.

The group initially launched as a network for senior women in the UK but quickly developed into a global business community uniting women across the world.

At the heart of the community is a membership hub, a global network committed to improving access, development, and retention across the insurance industry.

Throughout the past twelve years, the group have identified four key pillars that, in conjunction, have proven to accelerate women in the workplace at any stage in their career. Those four key pillars are networking, mentoring, coaching and business insights.

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