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Can you combine the power of human and machine through intelligent automation?

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Financial services companies have been embracing automation for some time now. Robotic process automation (RPA) has already made its mark, and artificial intelligence (AI) is now widely seen as the next business disrupter.

Used in combination, RPA, digital enablers and AI tools – along with human-in-the-loop processing – can offer truly transformative and disruptive results. This type of intelligent automation will allow the financial industry to automate, streamline and transform entire end-to-end processes.

Our latest report looks beyond the hype at the separate, but complementary, strands of intelligent automation to explain what it means for financial services businesses. It identifies the types of activities and processes that are enabled by different forms of intelligent automation, from processing “margin call” emails to credit risk management, product pricing and fraud detection

We believe the three steps to maximise return on investment (ROI) when deploying intelligent automation tools are:

  1. Put in an enterprise-scale RPA “backbone”— and look end to end (E2E) for opportunities
  2. Digitise as much as possible:
  • Digital forms
  • Chatbots
  • Voice recognition
  • Human-in-the-loop
  1. Add AI once RPA and digital is done, and where ROI is high.

Explore our insights via the link below, including examples of recent AI-based projects we have delivered for our clients, and our top tips for successful intelligent automation projects.

Niall Corrigan

FS Partner, Head of Digital & CX
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