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European Banking Barometer – 2013

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Our recent survey of European banks highlights a number of areas of concern that have very direct relevance to the Irish banking market. The survey consisted of 294 interviews with banks across 11 markets.

Key insights:

A surprisingly small 8% of respondents expressed a view that further capital would be required following the ECB’s AQR with a striking level of confidence around this in Germany, while a further 19% of banks indicated that extra capital ‘might’ be needed – consistent with a general uncertainty of direction of travel for this process.

There are also some interesting views about the challenges of getting anywhere near a rate of return consistent with banking cost of equity –¬†indicating a significant level of further restructuring being needed.

A considerable figure of 65% of respondents expect to see significant industry consolidation within the next three years.

Risk and regulatory issues, such as conduct risk and cyber-security are also highlighted as key issues.

Please access the full report via the link below.

Cormac Murphy

International Banking & Capital Markets, Sector Leader
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