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EY is really keen to develop and grow its people – Lauren’s story

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Lauren Lamb moved from Glasgow to Dublin to work with our Financial Services Advisory practice – read her experiences here, or watch her short video at this end of this post. 

Before I joined EY Financial Services, I worked in a change management role for a large bank in Glasgow. For me, gaining a broader perspective was what attracted me to a career in advisory. When you work for one institution, you can get used to one particular way of working. Now, I work with a wide range of clients and get exposure to different thinking, different ways of working and different people. That’s been very refreshing.

When I joined the firm in January, my counsellor Judith gave me some great advice – to say yes to every opportunity I was offered! I’m now involved in the women’s network and the people agenda for advisory. Both activities have been enjoyable and challenging, allowing me to meet new people and to learn new skills.

A real highlight for me was being promoted to manager within six months of joining EY. My senior managers and leaders have been nothing but encouraging and supportive, and it just proves that EY is really keen to develop and grow its people.

Life in Ireland is great – the culture is so similar to what I’m used to in Scotland, which made for a smooth transition. It’s easy to fly back to Scotland and for friends and family to come and visit me here. There is also a strong social culture within the firm, making it easy to make new friends and settle in.

If someone was to ask me why they should join EY Financial Services, I would point to the opportunities I’ve experienced since I joined. There is always room to develop and to get involved in different projects in a collaborative and supportive environment. I feel like I have learned so much already, in terms of industry practice, management techniques and so much more. The variety of work and the range of clients is fantastic – and the advice of saying yes to everything really works!

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