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I feel valued and I know my colleagues also feel valued – Rodrigo’s story

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Rodrigo Barrios moved from Uruguay to Dublin to work with our Financial Services Tax practice – read his experiences here or watch his short video at this end of this post. 

In 2011, I joined EY’s tax practice in Uruguay. I couldn’t be more grateful for that first experience. I became very passionate about tax and also learnt that while technical skills matter, they are useless in the long-term if the firm you work in does not also focus on its people, their well-being, personal and professional development and happiness.

After almost eight years in EY Uruguay, I decided I wanted to take my career to a different level and explored potential options abroad. An exciting opportunity arose in EY Ireland’s Financial Services Tax team, which I joined back in February 2019.

These past months in Ireland have been incredible, not only from a professional perspective, but also from a personal one. I am proud of belonging to the EY family and being able to experience the firm not only in my home country, but also abroad. My transition to Ireland was very smooth; I was supported by the EY teams every step of the way and have made friends with co-workers from different countries and cultural backgrounds. This is probably the most exciting part about my Irish experience so far.

My role as Senior Manager in the Financial Services Tax team is quite demanding. I am focusing on banking clients and try to make a positive impact by assisting them in navigating their challenging and demanding tax issues and risks. I deeply enjoy working collaboratively with different client stakeholders and with the different EY teams. Every day I learn not only from partners and directors, but also from working with team members at all levels. At EY there is a culture of encouraging all team members to speak up, participate and be proactive when it comes to the market, client needs and internal EY affairs.

I would encourage anyone interested in financial services and tax to believe in EY, its leaders and the great opportunities that will lie ahead. At some point it will be challenging, and hard work will be present daily, but the firm and its people worldwide will be there to support you every step of the way.

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