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I was allowed to grow and develop my skills – Dami’s story

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Dami Famuyibo shares her experiences of working in Consulting as a Project Manager at EY Financial Services. If you are considering a career as a consultant, read Dami’s story and watch her short video at this end of this post. 

After graduating with a degree in biochemistry and molecular biology from UCD, I discovered that the lab life was not for me. I found it too solitary, working away on genes and molecules, and wanted more human interaction. I wanted to try something different, and I spent about nine months working in a retail bank on the compliance team. That cemented my interest in financial services and the business world.

My EY journey began as a business and operations assistant in the financial services consulting team. My role revolved around resource management and looking after management information for both the Consulting and Assurance leadership teams. I also decided to pursue an MBA at Trinity College Dublin, which was a challenging but rewarding experience. It was very tasking, but it did stretch me and make me stronger. It made me realise that I was capable of more, and I grew interested in working client-side.

As I was about to start the second year of my MBA, I was offered a financial services consulting role. The timing worked well because I could apply some of my learnings to my day job. I’ve been in the role for about three years now, and I love that it is never business as usual. Every day is different, with fresh challenges and exciting opportunities to work with new clients and projects.

One highlight of my career in Consulting so far has been working with an international bank on a Brexit related project. It involved a lot of travel to the UK for leadership workshops and helping them to set up their practice in Dublin. The work was interesting with a lot of rigour, and it was satisfying to start an organisation from scratch, build its processes and see those processes work. I found it very rewarding.

I would describe the culture at EY Financial Services as inclusive and collaborative. I was allowed to grow and develop my skills, and that’s something I really appreciate about working here. The firm is supportive of growth, and the leaders I work with are very supportive of my development. They want me to succeed. I also really value the connections that I have made. I have developed solid networks within the firm, across the Irish financial services sector and also internationally, through EY’s global network. Some of these relationships will last a lifetime.

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