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Robotics and the future of work

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Software robotics has received a lot of attention in the last year. That includes from both popular press speculation about the impact on jobs and the analyst press discussing the potential impact on offshoring and outsourcing.

The promise of software robotics is to deliver a solution that can rapidly automate manual backoffice and customer-facing processes, making them faster, significantly more cost effective, and improving consistency and regulatory compliance, all with a return on investment (ROI) typically in
less than one year.

Many leading banks, insurers and wealth and asset managers have successfully piloted robotics solutions, but to date relatively few have succeeded in industrializing the benefits. However, the size of the prize on offer from doing so, both in terms of cost savings and service transformation, places accelerating and industrializing software robotics firmly on the agenda for the C-suite of most financial services groups.

Niall Corrigan

FS Partner, Head of Digital & CX
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