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You get the opportunity to decide where and when you work – Jeremy’s story

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Jeremy Long shares his experiences of moving from industry to work with our Advisory Practice at EY Financial Services – read his experiences here or watch the short video at this end of this post. 

I studied law but its practice didn’t excite me. So I transitioned into the insurance industry, focusing on both local and international insurance. I went on to do an MBA and it was through my studies that the opportunity arose to move into professional services.

One of the reasons I transitioned into professional services was to future proof my career and develop my skills. An advisory career in professional services really gives you the opportunity to do this.

Moving from industry, there is definitely a learning curve. But you are offered support along with learning and development opportunities along the way. Through working with clients and helping them to navigate change, you learn so many valuable skills that can be applied to any problem and transferred to any career – skills like complex problem solving, and working with ambiguity.

The rate of change is accelerating at pace, and this keeps the work varied and interesting. I work across the financial services sector – my clients range from local and international insurers to large banks. You get the opportunity to make a real difference and I find that rewarding.

I know it sounds cliched, but what I enjoy most about working in Advisory at EY Financial Services is the people.  You get the opportunity to build strong networks, both personally and professionally. You work with such a diverse range of people, whether that be clients or EY teams from across the global network, and you build strong relationships along the way. I also enjoy being able to pick the direction of my career, and the flexibility that EY affords me. Our technology and tools mean you get the opportunity to decide where and when you work.

If you are interested in a career as an Advisory Business Project Manager at EY Financial Services, browse our current vacancies here.