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EY CFO Outlook Podcast with Myles O’Grady, Group CFO and Executive Director at Bank of Ireland

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We are delighted to introduce our new monthly podcast series, EY CFO Outlook, as part of the EY CFO Agenda – EY’s strategic initiative for CFOs and executive level leaders.

This series, hosted by Vincent Wall from Newstalk, is a fantastic opportunity to learn from Ireland’s leading CFOs. Our first guest is Myles O’Grady, Group CFO and Executive Director at Bank of Ireland. From supporting their customers through the pandemic to preparing for Brexit, we hear from Myles about the challenges and opportunities facing CFOs in the current environment.

The role of the Chief Financial Officer has evolved dramatically in recent years. While managing costs is still a core part of the position, today’s successful CFOs are taking a lead in evolving the business strategy of their organisations and in creating long-term stakeholder value. With thirty successful years in the banking and financial services sector behind him, Myles is clear about how the landscape has changed, and what it takes to be a successful CFO in today’s financial services sector.

The discussion includes:

  • The four areas in which every modern CFO must thrive in order to succeed.
  • Digital Transformation – why the emergence of Fintechs are a force for good, and how legacy banks are relishing the challenges they present.
  • The keys to a successful relationship between CEO and CFO.
  • Why trust between the bank and its customers is critical – and how to build it.
  • The next ten years for the Financial Services sector – regulation, consolidation, and strategic investment.

Danny Buckley, CFO Advisory Partner, also contributes to the conversation with his views on CFOs’ increasingly strategic role in driving both the future direction and growth of their organisations.

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