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Introducing EY’s new tool for aircraft lessors – EY Accelerator

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Many aircraft lessors have multiple subsidiaries within their group, each requiring the preparation of statutory financial statements, the DPL preparation and iXBRL conversion for each entity. Typically, this process is manual, repetitive and increasingly time-consuming. In a cost-effective way, our team can take this low value-add activity away from you. This will significantly reduce the time and effort of your finance team in compiling financial data and processing changes, allowing your team to focus on value-add agenda items.

EY is best placed to support you in outsourcing your financial statements compilation and iXBRL tagging, providing you with the convenience of an end-to-end service while producing a high-quality deliverable in a sustainable way.

Introducing EY Accelerator 

In the background, our team will work on developing a customised EY Accelerator model for your group which will facilitate the production of uniform financial statements per entity type with minimal errors. This model will be updated on an annual basis. The compiled financial statements will pass through multiple layers of technical review by our team which will ease the audit review process saving you time and improving your reporting timelines.

We will work with you to develop standardised accounting policies per entity type, ensuring most recent accounting updates are reflected, cleanse your data to improve your chart of accounts, where required, and produce consistent financial statements while also ensuring the DPL preparation and iXBRL conversion is facilitated through our model.

The benefits of our EY Accelerator solution include:

  • Harmonised accounting policies across the group by entity type
  • Minimised errors across casting, page numbering, references and note
  • New levels of efficiency in producing financial statements
  • Increased consistency in reporting across entities
  • Reduced turnaround time to aid in meeting reporting deadlines
  • Best-practice disclosures in line with peers incorporating annual accounting updates
  • Consistent formatting

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FS Partner, CFO Advisory Services
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