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We’re pitted against the bad guys of the world – Mark’s story

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Mark Sullivan from our advisory cybersecurity team shares his career story – read it here, or watch his short video at the end of this post. 

As part of the advisory cybersecurity team, we’re pitted against the bad guys of the world. Whether it’s protecting our clients from hackers or exploring new tools and technologies, we need to be one step ahead.

I joined the Dublin office in May 2016. After finishing my masters in E-commerce I spent a few months travelling in South America with friends. When I came back I knew I wanted to pursue a career in something I found interesting. I had studied security modules in college, which turned into general interest in my spare time. I felt that consulting was the right avenue for my skills – and luckily, the team here in Dublin felt the same way and hired me.

advisory cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is a really interesting space to work in because of the pace of change in both cybersecurity and the rest of the digital world. There’s a lot of innovation going on as a result, and I’ve really seen that pace in action. Since I joined the firm, we have opened up a state-of-the-art cyber lab in Dublin and rolled out new methodologies which are being used globally.

My team works on market-leading projects, including some exciting work around cyber incident simulations. We designed these to educate senior executives on how cyber-attacks can affect their business, by allowing them to experience a simulated cyber crisis in a safe environment. It’s always interesting to see how senior management teams react to the escalating attacks, and in particular the thought processes behind all their decisions.

What’s great about working in EY Financial Services is having the freedom to forge your own path in your own way. The team strives to balance personal and professional goals and they give you great support in achieving them.

If you enjoy varied and interesting work, are genuinely passionate about cyber and want to work on the frontline with clients to protect them from risk, then I’d highly recommend a career as a cyber consultant. It’s very satisfying to know that you’re making a difference.

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