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How the world’s financial leaders see the end of cash

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#payments is a newsletter from our global EY payments team, which covers some of the industry’s most pressing developments. It focuses on strategies for the payments industry to not only adapt to, but also thrive in, a hyperconnected world.

From how the world’s financial leaders see the end of cash, to considerations for financial institutions as they respond to the impact of consolidation in the merchant acquirers’ segment, we look at some of the most relevant trends and developments shaping the future of payments.

Our latest thinking in this issue of #payments covers the following:

  • How the world’s financial leaders see the end of cash – is going cashless inevitable? And how will the disappearance of notes and coins change our lives beyond how we pay for things? We asked the world’s banking and regulatory leaders for their insights.
  • Riding the waves of the European merchant acquiring consolidation – as three waves of M&A activity continue to reshape the European payments market, how should players respond?
  • Payments lead the surge in FinTech adoption by SMEs – small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), long underserved by traditional financial providers, have new options as FinTech offerings increase.
  • Capturing M&A synergy in a fast-changing payments landscape – payments processing leaders need a thorough M&A integration playbook to capture deal value to keep up with the speed of digital innovation.
  • M & A activity and deal characteristics
  • Venture capital funding activity

Click below to read the full issue. We hope you find this issue of #payments informative, and, as always, we are available to continue the conversation on how these trends are impacting your strategy.

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