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New technologies are changing the way Financial Services firms respond to regulation. They give them the tools to meet new and existing requirements across every aspect of their operations.

As businesses transform their operations, they face regulatory, risk and compliance challenges. Their digitisation programs need to move forward, while keeping pace with increasing scrutiny.

To succeed, organisations need to proactively address the impact of digitisation on compliance, transparency, risk management and data governance. To do so, they need to collaborate with internal stakeholders, market participants and regulators to meet their objectives.

The climate crisis is ushering in a new wave of regulation centring on sustainable finance. The demand for businesses to be held accountable for their impact on our planet is increasing. As banks, corporations and economies transition to carbon neutrality, there will be a demand for green and blue finance and products. Climate disclosures will be critical in demonstrating compliance, and will be an obligation. That requires improved data-driven assessments.

Expectations of compliance functions have never been higher. This presents both opportunities and challenges as the compliance function seeks to alter and enhance its role.

Financial institutions also face unprecedented challenges in dealing with new transparency regimes designed to combat tax evasion by their customers. Customer tax regimes such as FATCA and CRS mean that firms need to understand the tax status of beneficiaries of accounts they maintain. Where necessary, they need to report relevant financial account information to tax authorities.

Amid this complex landscape, we are the experts to talk to today. Our strong relationships with local and international regulators allow us to help clients keep pace with the changing risk and regulatory landscape. We help businesses understand the impact of new legislation and implement necessary changes. Our Global Regulatory Network (GRN) and risk and compliance consulting professionals help our clients respond to constantly changing risk management, regulatory and accounting requirements.

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