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Risk Transformation

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Risk management is not just about having the right amount of capital and meeting the regulatory requirements, it is far more fundamental than that. The insurance industry is in the midst of a revolution in how it identifies, measures and manages risk.

Organizations that identify, manage and respond to these risks well are positioned to grow and remain successful. Our understanding of the issues around risk — the risks you can see as well as the ones you can’t — inspire us to ask better questions. By working globally with organizations, we can create innovative answers that help enhance and accelerate business performance.

Transforming the way they manage risk requires business to challenge the way they think about, identify, manage, and, respond to it. Organizations need to look beyond manageable risks (financial, operational, regulatory), better align their risk and business objectives, improve coordination and alignment of risk activities across the organization, and more effectively leverage technology so that they can better respond to their different risks.

James Maher

Insurance, Sector Leader
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